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Your love is so much more than a fleeting moment, and your wedding is just the beginning of a brand new chapter. 

Here, you’ll feel right at home: supported, loved, and comfortable. In front of my camera, you'll have the opportunity to see how beautiful you truly are.

Love brings us together and I am so happy that, that love has lead you here. When we’re truly in love, we become our greatest selves. All you need is someone to capture it. To capture the real you. I'm here to dive in and get close to your heart. Learn about what matters most to you and be a witness to your love story. 

Dream Chasers.

Wedding photography for the hopelessly in love, forever devoted, Real 

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Creating a safe space for my couples to be themselves is my super power.

I was given a Kodak Point and Shoot Film camera on my 6th birthday. Let's just say things got real after that cake was cut. Something about that sound the film wheel made and the satisfaction of watching the flash go off. That was it for me. I knew then how happy I was and was so thrilled I could look back at that day. Photographs are so much more than a memory it's an artifact to history. Your history. 

Meet Melanie

Liani Bertot 

"Excellent experience, beautiful work, hiring her was the best decision."

"Melanie is not only a very talented photographer but a very sweet human being. I love all her work, she does an excellent job at capturing the best moments. She is very professional, patient, responsive, kind. She was very helpful throughout the wedding planning process, always available for any questions, super flexible and our experience on the wedding day and the final result was amazing."

Lauren Silva

"SO happy that we found Melanie! She was absolutely amazing every step of the way."

"On our wedding day, she arrived on time and immediately took over with the schedule of the day. I didn't even have a chance to worry before she assured me that she was in control.  She was so calm and comfortable.  We received our photos in just over two weeks, and they are all SO stunning, we really couldn't be happier. She captured many details we wouldn't have otherwise noticed and made our wedding look like a dream."

Kendall Harrell

"Great experience, loved her!  I have nothing but great things to say about Melanie." 

"She traveled all the way from Florida to Portland, OR to do our family photos for us and our experience with her was awesome. She was sweet and professional. She made us feel so comfortable, including our little 2.5 year old daughter. We loved how our photos turned out and would absolutely recommend her to friends & family and everyone else for that matter!"

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